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“Going to Mobile Art Club's art classes is more like a wonderful kind of Art Therapy. Ruth's lessons take you into another world of colour, texture and experimentation far removed from the hum drum of everyday life.

We laugh, we have great coffee and homemade cupcakes apart from learning new techniques to create amazing pictures from paint, collage and all sorts of unusual things. As an Art teacher myself I am still keen to pick up new skills and ideas that I can later use with my students. It is a great way for me to improve my personal artwork too.”


Annabel Nnochiri

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"My daughter Celeste has attended classes with Ruth since she was 3 years old. She is now nearly 10 and she is just as excited as she was when she started. She always comes out of Ruth's classes with beautiful artwork and most importantly happy and proud of what she has produced. Celeste says that when Ruth does something she does it in an exciting way and she makes painters' work look interesting.When we do something that is not right, Ruth always says "There is no getting something wrong. It is just your way of doing something artistic". That always makes me feel a lot better. She always finds something good to say about my work”


Chiara Barontini

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